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The Institute publishes a scientific journal of international standard, named,INDIAN SCIENCE CRUISER [ISSN 0970-4256], with six issues in a year in January, March, May,July, September and November. Articles published in this journal are abstracted by: i-Scholar, j-Gate, Crossref-USA, Indian Science Index, etc. and available in the website:

ISEC invites authors for thought provoking, attractive articles on education, environment,science, lifestyle and culture with perspectives of traditional trends and trends of present-dayglobalization. ISEC receives financial support for publication of Indian Science Cruiser from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India, New Delhi and also from Department of Higher Education, Science &Technology and Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal. Back issues of the INDIAN SCIENCE CRUISER are available since 1987.

General Instruction for Manuscript Preparation And Manuscript Mailing Address:


Manuscripts of contributed articles submitted under each category are single-blind peer reviewed. Author(s) will be communicated with the review results, and if needed, author(s) will be required to incorporate necessary changes in the manuscript for final acceptance.


All the contributed articles are plagiarism checked by Crossref system powered by ithenticate. A maximum of 10% similarity content will be allowed to a research paper for publishing in the Indian Science Cruiser (ISC).


Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Anil Kumar Ghosh,

Managing Editor: Prof. Santanu Das,


The work of making a complete Archive of articles published in the Indian Science Cruiser since Volume 1 1987 is in progress. Some works are done and some published articles may be found in i-Scholar and j-Gate platform. Readers may please surf the website:


DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is being assigned to research articles recently published, or to the forthcoming articles of the ISC. 10.24906/isc/2017/v31/i6/166459 is a typical DOI for a published article.


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